Friday, March 18, 2011

photo friday: my girls

Thanks to my lovely sister in law I am now apart of Photo Friday!
Can you tell Larkyn is super excited??  She is such an outdoors kid and this was the face she got when she saw ALL the kiddos out playing today!  
I love this girl SO much!
Ok... so the sickest funniest thing just happend... 
Freaking Larkyn has been in the room playing on my bed while I have been working on this post.  {don't worry our computer is in our room now}  She comes over to me and tells me she needs to go potty.  So we stripped her down {for some reason she has to be completely naked to go potty!}, then she was just running around naked and free, she finally went into the bathroom and I heard her sitting on the potty and didn't think much about it.  Well within about 15 seconds I hear... "mommy poo poo".  So naturally I go to investigate and there she was standing in the bathroom {thank goodness} by a pile of poo!  She peed on the potty, but for some strange reason decided to poo on the floor.  What in the world!!!  
Below are some ultrasound pictures from 2 weeks ago when I was 23 weeks.  
I am still in shock that in about 12 weeks I am going to have 3 little girls!  
I have had some of my friends asking me if I am ok because I seem off lately... 
I honestly just think that it's because I have so much on my mind ALL the time.  Emotionally it's been a lot to take on.  Obviously I am SO excited that we were chosen to have twin girls but I often worry about how Larkyn will handle the shock, how I will have so much love for so many girls {I know I will, it's just hard to imagine, ya know?}, I worry if I will be able to be the best mom for so many girls to look up to.  Plus I think that I want everything to be so perfect when they get here and so my thoughts have also been on preparing everything in the home.  Anyway... Here they are.  
OH! For those of you who don't know yet...
We have chosen 2 names...
1 - Oaklee Jane
2 - Carea McKinley {its pronounced Cuh-Ray-Uh}
Logan has been worried about someone stealing one of the names... but I just don't care anymore.  I figure... No one in our families are expecting, and we aren't planning on living in our current ward forever lol.   

Thursday, March 17, 2011

kitchen makeover

Some of you may remember like back in November when I announced to the world that we were getting ready to take on some DIY projects in our kitchen ... like staining the cabinets...

WELL this has been a process and we have barely made a dent. 
I have been frazzled because I have soo many other projects that need to get done and my poor husband has had is time spread very thin the last 2 months and as a result is usually exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around. 

This week I have been staring at the cabinets just wishing that maybe a whole army of men would come finish them for us... {sigh} yeah right!  WHO in their right mind wants to sand and stain  what feels like a zillion cabinets!!  

So I started to think ... "Maybe we should just pay to have all new cabinets put in... "
As a result I ended up on HGTV's website lusting over my dream kitchen
There are sooo many things I would LOVE to have in my kitchen, but with our current floor plan... it would never work in this house.  

I think I got slightly depressed for a moment... 

THEN I found these...

You can find these pictures on &

These pictures are both of the same kitchen from and it was featured on HGTV's website.  The first makeover was when they went to black cabinets and they recently painted them again to white.  

YES I said painted!!  This couple didn't even have to sand ALL of their cabinets!  They lightly sanded the faces of the doors and drawers.  OK... I freaked out when I learned from her sight that Home Depot actually sells a primer specifically for painting cabinets!  

I AM SOLD!  Sanding has been the biggest pain in my neck and I'm not even the one doing IT!  

Notice the cute-sy wood pieces under the top cabinets... OH you better bet I am FINDING those.... and DID You notice the extension at the TOP??  I am DOING that AS WELL!!  {sorry I am overly excited here}  

You have to check out the whole makeover project at and go to kitchen  YOU WILL DIE when you see what this couple started with!  

It amazes me what paint and a few details can really do to a room! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

is it time to update your hair style....

I believe it is!!  
Highlights... cut... a whole new do... SHE IS FOR YOU!

Let me just say that Kariann is AWESOME and totally rocks at cutting and coloring hair!
I don't think I have ever been happier... she actually listens to what I tell her!! : )

My hair style is kind of blah right now... but I am in the process of growing it out and making it even.  A few years ago my hair was pretty much slaughtered and I am not kidding when I say it is STILL recovering!! 

Anyway... like I said... Kariann is awesome, she will listen to you, and she will give her EXPERT advice on what she thinks will look good! 

GO SEE HER and GET IN ON March's offer!