Monday, April 25, 2011


It has been a long journey...
BUT THEY ARE FINALLY DONE!  YES... I am talking about our blessed cabinets!!

A little about this project: 

So we actually started this project I believe in November {sad I know} BUT when we initially started we had big plans on staining our cabinets.  
NOW... I don't know who all has done that before but its a pain in the neck!  When you stain you MUST sand down to the raw wood... YUCK.  I never ever thought that doing that would be such a big deal... BUT it is!  

We started in sections and did the piece above the fridge first.  All went well.  Then we started the piece up top by the window... and when I started to stain the doors I noticed that parts of the wood were absorbing the stain differently.  

YES I panicked!  Logan was in Arizona at the time and I was so stressed that I had done something wrong.  
Who did I resort too?  My lovely computer.  
I started looking up how much it was going to cost to have someone either come fix it for us or to just take the plunge and get a whole new kitchen... 

Man oh Man that was discouraging.  

So then I had an epiphany... Look at and thank goodness for divine intervention because that was when I learned about this....
There is a primer that you can buy for cabinets that you don't have to sand the wood... this stuff sticks to anything... its even hard to get off of skin!!! 
WHAT --- I was again freaking out.  So while Logan was in his business meeting I started emailing him pictures of lovely cabinets that had been painted.... When he got home a few days later... it took a lot of convincing and persuasion to change the way we were going to finish this project.  Then Logan remembered that he has a friend who works for Sherwin Williams {ding ding ding}... they chatted and FINALLY Logan decided to take another plunge with me.  We headed to Sherwin Williams... got the primer... ordered our paint...

the type of paint we ordered had the sealer or final coat already in it... So yet another step eliminated!


So the above pictures show what our cabinets look like now...
this is what they looked like before...

Ok.. So apparently when I took these pictures we just got home from Costco... See the pizza plate on the counter with the huge box of diapers?  And I honestly have NO clue why Logan's old camo shirt is out... How scary!  Please note... my kitchen doesn't always look like this :)  

Anyway... so to say the least our cabinets are fabulous now!  BUT the kitchen is not done.  YOU see the dark back splash... well I want to change this to either a cream or very light gray ish color... I saw a basket weave tile backsplash in a magazine that I am trying to hunt down.  Then one day we will also update the floors.  
But before either of those projects get done I must:
1. Get Larkyn's new room finished... Hopefully this week or beginning of next.. Two of my besties came by last week and we painted all her walls... this week we are going to be stenciling and finishing her bed... I'm sooooo very excited!  It's gonna be cute!!
2. Get the twins room all set up and possibly a partial repaint in there.  I am still trying to decide what I want to do... So while I am finishing Larkyn's room I'll be trying to plan how I want their room to function for 2 :)
3. Change that horrible green paint that is on my gigantic wall... PEOPLE if you are ever going to try to paint green in your house please take my advice and get a professional to help you... I don't know why but greens are sooo hard to get right! 
4. Work on our freak of a yard
5. Finish the loft... for those of you who don't know... my sister is moving in with us in June sometime.  She is coming to help me {thankfully} and live with us until she gets residency so she can attend college here in Utah.  Woot!!

Finally I want to enjoy my summer home with my 3 girls... Spend lots of time outside... walking, running, swimming... Oh I love summer.  

So maybe in the fall or winter we will work on those other kitchen projects :)  



love birds and a few chicklets said...

sorry for the bad lighting... our house isn't so great with that! :)

Ann said...

Faaaaaabulous! Good job, kudos to Logan too My husband would never have allowed such a project :)

Scott and Karin said...

How B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! It makes me want to do mine!

Lindsay and Mike said...

I love it! Great job!!!

The Painted Parlor said...

you did a great job! i bet you're thrilled it's finally done!! You need to come over, i have 2 ADORABLE white girl vanities done! i know you're still looking for a dresser, i have a few unfinished. i have scouts tonight from 4:30-5:30, oh yeah, enrichment too. maybe tomorrow night is better...or anytime during day!