Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I'm sitting down... Feet elevated... Blogging from my phone

why... Well because our computer is being stubborn and my hubalub is playing basketball at the church.  But I'm desperate to blog... Maybe a little more worried that I might forget if I don't do it now :)

Question: why do so many of us (I'm guilty as well) focus on the negative and instead of trying to lift eachother up... We tear eachother down??

Does anyone know the answer to this?

Can I just say I am very sensitive to words... Hopefully I'm not reading too far into things.

I have just noticed that more and more people love to tell me how much I'm going to hate life after the babies come, that I'm never going to get out, never going to sleep, that I'm going to go crazy taking care of sooo many little ones, they don't know how in the world I'm going to manage... Yada yada yada.

Do they really think that these thoughts haven't crossed my mind?


I can tell which individuals really care about me and want me to succeed and feel great about life.  These are the ones who continually tell me... Haylie you are going to be great, think of how much fun it's going to be for Larkyn, everything will be fine... You get the point right?  Christ like individuals who love and have charity ... These are the things they say.  It is so hard for me not to stress and it's so hard for me to not dwell on the negative... especially when at almost every corner someone brings up the bad.  I know it seems silly to be so concerned over something that maybe be minimal to some, but again its hard not to be concerned when the bad lingers.    

I really appreciate my confidence boosters... The ones who genuinely care.  These are my angels.  It's because of their kind words that I can get through everday. 

Then there is Christ.  Tonight we had an amazing relief society activity/ musical focused on the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  It is amazing to know that when I am loaded with my burdens, doubts, fears to the point of wanting to give up... I can turn to him.  He will and does help me everytime... Even when I don't feel worthy of his love, he is there willing to help lift my burdens.  It is because of him and the angels in my life that allow me to look in the mirror every morning and say... I can do this.  I always have to remind myself that Heavenly Father will never give us a challenge or trial that we can't handle.  What a comfort. 

I have enough faith in him that I trust him and after all... in the premortal life He probably sat me down and said "Haylie, these are your children, these are the challenges you will face, Do you accept this challenge" :) 

And because I stood by His side and trusted him then... I am here today still trusting and enduring.   



The Things I See said...

Your testimony is beautiful Haylie. Thank you for sharing. It will be hard, but what good and wonderful thing isn't? When I'm in the kitchen and I've got bread lined up to make sandwiches, I just smile to myself, I'm never happier. Plus the mornings when the kids wake up with that messy hair you just can't help but kiss them! I remember a little while ago you said that in a few years you hoped to have a bunch of kids hanging off your arms. You're living your dream! And you're doing it with grace and beauty. Can't wait to see you...

The Blairs said...

You know, I think people don't think before they speak. Of course it will be hard, thanks for the obvious I guess, but it will also be wonderful and amazing. You are going to do great, just like you do with Larkyn.

And, this is just my personal belief, but I think having lots of kids close in age is great! Larkyn will love having the babies around and they will all be the best of friends later.

I can't wait for your sweet little girls to get here. They are going to be so beautiful.

The Studes said...

First thing I have to saw is.. holy crap you blogged that from your phone!

Second thing would be, people are dumb, no matter what you say or do people will always be dumb. self included in that list. one of the only differences i have noticed are that some people have filters and others don't.

Lindsay and Mike said...

Oh, I just read Amy's blog & now I'm reading this one & I'm really feeling crappy. I think I said something to you about how hard having twins would be. I'm sorry. I didn't even think about it. But, you know what, Heavenly Father has promised that he would never give us a challenge we couldn't you WILL be able to do it. Hugs!

Lindsi@ said...

I love this Haylie! It brought me to tears. I get the comments ALL.THE.TIME! So I completely understand everything that you said. I try not to be negative towards other people (I probably am and don't realize it), but I know I have been VERY negative with myself lately and need to stop it! You are such an inspiration & I am excited to raise all of our tiny girls together! :)

Love ya girl!

Amy said...

You are amazing. Don't let your fears or the fears that others may have affect you. You can do this and will (what choice do you have haha). Try and look at the positive in all things like you always do and cherish these moments because once there gone there gone!

love birds and a few chicklets said...

Thanks! You are all sooo sweet! I hope this post didn't come off the wrong way. I guess I don't really know what words to use on how I wanted it to come across... but it wasn't bad. :) I am sooo excited for our adventure in life and Jenna you are absolutely right when I did say that I wanted to have all my kids close! haha. Little did I know what was in store. I am glad that my real friends support and encourage me! Thank you ALL!!!

The Painted Parlor said...

You're going to be just fine! I'm best friends with all my five sisters, we range a total of 8 years apart. (My oldest sis is 39 and I'm the youngest 31). I hope I haven't said anything to emphasize the negative, sorry if I have!! I think it's natural for man (woman) to focus on the negative, like you said, but when we have the light of Christ in out lives things just don't seem to be as hard. You're little family is blessed, you will have lots of wonderful memories :)

Come over when you want, like I said I have 2 adorable vanities finished! You can see them on my blog.


Jordan said...

Haylie, that was a beautiful post and so true. I needed to read that today. Also, you WILL be great, and your little family will do nothing but strengthen you in every way:)