Monday, May 24, 2010

sheesh it only took me long enough!

Ok so anyone who really knows me would know that I am secretly a wanabee cowgirl!  {minus the horse riding!}  I want a pair of cute cowgirl boots... I want property... I would love to have cows, sheep, ducks, and chickens for pets {not to eat!}

I have been dying to take cowgirl bridals FOR YEARS PEOPLE!   Since before my sister in law Jen got married!  It has always been on my mind... there were a few details that were left out... but Cassie didn't need them... her beauty spoke mounts of words!  I might have to call on her to model for me again! 

I never had bridals done...  this is something that I deeply regret.  I wish Logan and I would have spent more money on our photography.  PLUS photography has changed sooo much over the last 6 years its pheonominal!  Maybe if I was ever a size 4 again I will get some done for ole times sake!  Maybe Logan and I should just reinact our wedding day!  HA HA!  Thats a crazy thought!! 

Anywho... Thanks again Cassie!  You are a doll! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

she's turning 1...

I need some help... I am getting ready to mail out the birthday invitations... and I dont know what photo I like best!  I am in a toss up between the 1st & 3rd... the rest were more to show off my stinkin's cute baby girl! 

I couldn't resist playing around with my filters!!  LOL!


Where has the last year gone??  I have NO idea!  She is so grown up and she is becoming a little girl and not soo much a baby anymore.  AWE it's  a tear jerker for sure!  She is so independent and sometime sooo hard headed that she drives me bonkers.... but how could I not love her!  Just look at that face!  She literally melts my heart almost daily! 

Friday, May 14, 2010

this never happens...

Anyone who knows Larkyn knows she is not a cuddly baby...  I did however catch her cuddling with Logan a few weeks ago after church.  What the heck?!?  I had to ask myself why she never cuddles with me... it was at that moment that I realized she misses her daddy.  Our lives are crazy busy right now and have been for the past monthish.  Logan working 2 jobs & me working part time officially {more on that to come} and then everything else I have been trying to put together with photography & pishposh stuff and all this craziness has led to her hardly ever getting to see her daddy.  It makes me sad... but its a sacrifice that we decided to make as a family in order to get out of debt completely! 

I have soo many things to blog about...
The first battle wound is still on my list, mothers day, Arizona, more bridals, Larkyns 1st year pics, newborns, new hair clips, new job,  and possibly the home makeover {that last one might be put on hold for a little while} I hope to start catching up this weekend. 


I am offering family pictures for a super expensive an unbeatable price this summer.  $150 for family + 16x20 gator board enlargement + high res. CD + copy right release + any location {within reasonable distance}. 

If you or anyone you know is interested please send them MY way

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tell me what you think...

YES I am completely aware that her picture and the address of the party are missing! 

I just wanted to see what you thought of my design.  YAY or NAY?  I love every color here and you better believe that her whole party is going to be decorated with these prints, colors, everything!!  I can't wait!   OR should it be simpler??

We are doing her pics THIS Saturday... So you all need to cross your fingers for me that I get a good shot!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You might ask yourself...

I wonder what Haylie has been up to...

Yes, Her eyes are really that bright!  I'M SOO ENVIOUS!

And where was this fashion when I was in school??  I seriously wore high school t-shirts I think 75% of the time!!