Wednesday, February 24, 2010


precious 1 month old baby kenidi!  she was absolutely darling and just about let me do whatever i wanted to position her..  just very easy going and didn't put up a fight until the very end.   check out her itty bitty ring on her finger!  i don't think i have ever seen a piece of jewelry sooo small... let alone that they made rings for babies! 

her mom does interior decorating and design tips for all of us on budgets!  be sure to check out her work at   thanks again lindsi!

i will post more to my photography blog in a couple days!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

courtesy of logan

while i was getting ready for church yesterday...  logan took some kick boxing pics of larkyn!  he loves playing with my new photography equipment...  he's like a little kid at christmas!  =)  oh and of course she smiled in most of his pictures!  what a lil' stinker!!

better late than never...

who ever would have thought that some of the rock my husband crushes at work could be used for facials?? 

we did these facials a couple weeks ago... it was fun and interesting to watch logan put this mineral mud on his face.  he was actually getting into it! 

its cool too because this stuff actually works!  while it was on my face i could feel my skin tightening up and then afterwards my skin tones seemed more balanced and you better believe my skin was super smooth!!  =) 

my inlaws went on a cruise to the southern carribean about a month ago and apparently some of the locals there use this stuff everyday and my father in law swears there was a 70 year old woman who looked like she was in her 40's! 

sign me up!! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

have i ever told you....

... how giddy i get when it comes to photography??
i am so excited... i finally have the equipment that i have needed to produce amazing images!  tell me this picture doesn't give you butterflies... well it does me. 

please if you know anyone needing great and affordable pictures please send them my way!  i would love to make your heart melt when you look at pictures of your kiddos. 

lets see what this does... 

  • 1 child any age for only $50!  i will give you a copy right release and all of the high resolution images on a disc for you to print wherever and whenever you'd like! 

  • schedule 3 or more kiddos and i'll knock off 25%


we finally have internet again!  whew!  i don't know how much longer i could have gone... 

there will be lots and lots of posting coming...

and on a side note... i got my new light for photography.  hopefully i can get some darn cute pics of larkyn to post!  wish me luck!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

haylie lyn photography

yeah!  i have finally found a look that fits me!  this year i am going to be doing a lot of things different with photography.  i am in the process of creating an in home studio {it will be very small =) }  there will be lots of color and anything you!  i want to create better portraits of newborns, children, seniors, families, engagements, bridals, and groomals.  i am going to try to step away from the wedding scene for a while.  i am so excited about this.  be sure to tell your friends and families about me! 

i am also going to be offering some amazing deals... so be sure to watch this blog and my photography blog.  i will be offering mini sessions this spring, summer, fall, and probably a couple more times depending on the response that i get.  now, remember that with me you will get your digital files... after all that is what you want, right?  this way you will have the freedom to print wherever and whenever you want!  

also... i have been thinking a lot about a lot... =) and i really want to try to have an influence on all of you who read my blog... so i am going to offer my thoughts on: your home your masterpiece, glamour, starting each day with a purpose, lets get physical, and everything me {just tips and tricks to some of my weird hobbies and maybe some other things}.  hopefully i will have parts of that up and running sometime within the next week or so. 

that's all for now... have a great day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

8 months

these top 2 pictures were from last saturday.  logan and i decided to go out to jcw's for dinner and then we went grocery shopping... larkyn looks so cute with logan's hat on.   she is such a goober.  {sorry for the poor picture quality... these were taken with our cell phones}

this picture is from 2 weekends ago... we were at the draper temple to photograph my friends moms wedding.  again... larkyn was being so cute! 

i'm sure all of you are sick of hearing how cute and adorable my baby girl is... but she really is!  she is 8 months old as of last sunday and she seriously does the cutest things that just melt my heart!  she started whispering... she says "ki ki" she started this because we have 2 kitty cats and when she sees them she goes "ki ki" ... 
and she can clap now! yeah!  the first time she clapped was 2 weeks ago and she was so excited when she finally did it!  the look on her face was priceless... 
she has finally learned how to get to her stomach from sitting.  this has been a work in progress.  i was starting to worry since she would just tip over when she was tired of sitting.  lol.  she had some very rough falls!  still no crawling... but she is getting there.  everyday she moves more and more.  i have a feeling she is gonna be a hand full. 
oh, and she also does the cutest thing...  we will stand her up on the couch so she can hang on to the back cushions and she will lay her head on her arms and just look at you with those big blue eyes!  yep... definitely a cutie patootie. 
she kind of waves... lol.  we are trying to decide if that is what she is doing... but logan is certain that it is.  its not the cute hand opening and closing... its more of a flapping of her whole arm!  lol!  you have to see it to understand.  
and i think she has said "hi" a couple times or maybe its just and "i".. who knows!  
she has learned that she can throw tantrums... all of you in the ward heard her screaming during the bishop's lesson on sunday.  yes... she is already starting to test us to see what she can get away with.  what a little stinker! 
oh, but you know i love her to death!  she is my sassy little sweetheart that knows exactly what she wants in life... just like her daddy ;) maybe a little bit like her mommy!   

Monday, February 1, 2010

from my heart

{i am sorry in advance if this post is weird or if it doesn't make any sense.}

i have such a hard time writing things... i tell logan stuff from my heart all the time... and i say it better than i can write it {so just bare with me}. maybe i should start recording our conversations and then type it up. ha! could you imagine!
yesterday at church was great!  we had our young women's presidency speak in sacrament and everything they spoke on was a wonderful reminder...  they talked about the strength of youth pamplet and one of the sisters said that just because we are adults that doesn't mean that those principles there don't apply to us.  i had never thought about it like that... i mean i know to obey the commandments, try to be a better person, be more patient... but the one thing that stuck out to me was about being an example and not being afraid to stand up for what we believe {as lds members }. 

one of the sisters talked about something she had wrote in her journal as a teenager.  she had the opportunity to leave a movie {that was of poor choice} and didn't take it.  logan and i talked about this a lot last night.  i honestly hope that i can be the brave soul who walks out of a movie because of language, inappropriate behavior, or anything else that would make anyone uncomfortable.  i hope that all of you who are reading this post will too feel the same way.  i also want my kids to grow up and not be afraid of being the young girl or boy that wasn't afraid to say "hey, this isn't cool".  i want to be better about a lot of things... not just walking out of movies.  =)

we have a lot of challenges that we face everyday...

i know this is random...

i honestly hate swearing... i don't know why but when people {friends & family} use poor language, it makes my skin crawl.  i get so uncomfortable.  i know i am not perfect and i know i have used some poor choices in my words, but i want to be better than that... and you, yes you, you should too! 

i wish that our families could be closer.  not just physically, but emotionally too.  don't get me wrong we both love our families, but sometimes i feel like all of our views on life are different.  i know it should be like that because life would be way too boring if we were all the same.  i just wish we were closer... better friends... better examples... just better  =)  sometimes i wish i could talk to my family about spiritual things... but i don't feel like i have a connection with anyone {besides logan =)} it would be nice to go to the temple with family & friends and then out for ice cream or something.  is it just me?  does anyone else feel like this?  sometimes i feel like the important things in life get set aside for petty things.  i, myself and guilty of this, but i am trying to overcome this flaw.

i want to try to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend this year.  this is one of my goals...  i get so caught up blog stalking people, facebooking, doing who knows what with my time and then the next thing i know its the end of the year and i'm back to square 1.  i need an organizer for all my family and friends and somehow figure out a way to fit everyone in to my crazy life and i need to better manage my time. 

well that turned out a lot different then i expected.  again, so sorry for my lack of writing skills.