Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one more

I am seriously on a roll today!  Check out Miss Kelsey another senior rep!  Her eyes are sooo stunning in her pictures!  We shot her session in a more rural setting and it so fit her!  Well at least I thought so!  She is such a fun young girl and has a lot of ambition to go far in life!! 


Eh... blogger really isn't the best place to showcase pictures, but I thought I would post some anyway!

I am still trying to play catch up from this fall.  I took WAY too much work upon myself for what time I had in me... plus I had no idea the reason behind my exhaustion.  

Meet Brady - C/O 2011.  He is one of my senior reps this year!  Well ... we will see if I am up to taking any sessions on this spring.  After all... we all know I am gonna be huge and probably tired still.  : ).  Anyway... Something about this shoot in black and white... I love it.  Don't get me wrong... I love love love color!  But I am a huge fan of these pics!  

Here's to catching up!  Finally!

Friday, January 7, 2011

for {her}

Ok So I know I am thief for STEALING this picture off of Amy's blog.  But I really really needed a picture... Amy You can Smack me later! 
So have you ever had a friend that you can call your besty??  Well Amy is mine.  She is an amazing woman who has MANY talents!  I have admired her from the first time I saw her and her trendy ways!  We have a fun friendship, many things in common, and its kind of fun to share your birthday with your besty right?!?  Oh and Albert Einstein!  Most people judge Amy right off the bat and that is something that we have in common as well.  Well Amy is probably one of the most easy going, easy to get along with gals and I love that!  I knew I could always just drop in on her and it didn't matter.  She is an amazing mom and she loves my little girl like one of her own.  She is a great wife too!   
Well Amy recently moved from our cute lil' neighborhood.  {tear}  I have been in denial since she called me and said those horrifying words "we had an offer"  Well even then I still thought to myself... "she wont actually move..."  Oh little did I know that she actually would!  {again me being naive}  
Well they moved about 2 weeks ago and I have been doing surprisingly well and I thought "HMM that is strange"  
Then the other night I had to drive to the church to run errands and it hit me as I drove past her house... saw all the lights on...  and wow!  I had been avoiding that road apparently... driving to church the other longer way.   I will admit... I sat at the 4-way stop and just stared at the house... I have never EVER been so angry at people moving into our lil' neighborhood!!!  I seriously wanted to sabotage their house!  I almost started to cry.. .I felt so violated!!  {ok maybe the pregnancy has something to do with this... I dunno}  Well finally after creeping some people out I finally drove thru the intersection.  :)

I know that Amy needed to move for a reason, but sometimes it is so hard when you move away from close friends or when they move.  I know they are about to embark on their new adventure in life and it's going to be so great for their little family.  She is definitely one of the best people I know, one of the most loyal friends, and I know I can call her and tell her all my sorrows and she will still be there the next day with open loving arms.  I have learned so much from this amazing woman... she has inspired me to be better!  
I hope that all of us will really take the time to be better friends and express our gratitude to the ones we have. 

Love you Amy! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 where have you been all my life...

2010 was nothing short of an interesting year... A lot actually happened around our home and in our lives and of course I didn't blog about half of it!  Last year started out a little rough for our family but of course we worked through it.  Logan worked a 2nd job for a few months and I have gone back to work part time at Horrocks Engineers.  It is crazy how things unfold differently for everyone, and if we listen to that still small voice we will be guided where we need to go.  Fortunately for us, my part time job has been a huge blessing (tho there have been times I have been tempted to quit) but I feel like I was placed there for a reason... maybe I will share my insights on that on a different post. 

Larkyn turned 1 in May, we went on our first road trip... and surprisingly we didn't have to bust out the baby benadryl - OH dont even judge me... YOU KNOW YOU ALL DO IT!!  We painted our kitchen wall (finally!) and started staining the cabinets... but I dont even want to get started on that subject - SHEESH!  My brother flew in from Florida for a few days, Larkyn was a BYU Cheerleader for Halloween,  It was my busiest year for photography, We moved my mom into her casa, We DID have a Christmas this year and Santa made it to our home of course! And we found out that we will be adding 2 to our family this spring/summer.    I am sure a lot more happened around our home... but you know. 

There were millions of smiles, thousands of hugs, and hudreds of tears... But we survived 2010!  Here are a few pics!  - warning... picture overload!

1st bday party

Larkyn and her lil' cuz

Larkyn and my brother!

My mom, brother and Larkyn - You better believe we went bowling!


WHAT - Googly EYES!! 

Logan's sister Des - she is having a baby very soon!! 

playing at the park...

Day at the zoo

YES - she has a temper!

At the same time the best bed head!

She was chubby...

a diva

swimming friends!

And I took this tonight... :)  She is so cute!  Even tho there are days that her temper pushes me over the edge I still love her! 

So what will 2011 bring... 
I honestly feel like this last year I was too focused on me!  This fall I was so busy with photography that I feel like the months of August - November I wasn't even home... and I was missing out on my family.  Don't be mistaken... I loved that I was so busy and I soo appreciate the business, but I feel like I may have over done it.  Well then the news of 2 babies came and I am sure you are all sick of me talking about my babies, but You try being pregnant with 2 and see what else is on your mind.  :)  I feel like I need to be a mother and now is my time.  I don't want to be so stressed when these 2 come and I have 3 kiddos 2 and under.  I want to be at home with my family.  After all...
Home is not a place... its a lifestyle.  
I need to change my lifestyle.  Obviously school has been put on hold.  I have always had dreams of studying fashion and finally when I felt like the time was right... I was wrong.  Not the first time in my life.  I feel like I am almost being slapped in the face - HAYLIE You need to be a MOM ... So in order to get your butt into gear I'm gonna send you 2!  HaHa!  ok not really - but I am a true believer that things really do happen for a reason.   Oh and speaking of things that happen for a reason... I broke my lens to my camera.  I need to call around and get it fixed, but I still dont know how in the world it ended up in the laudry basket.  Well so for now all my shoots are being put on hold... whether or not it was meant to be I dunno... but to be honest... I kind of feel like some weight was lifted off my shoulders... at least for a little while! 
My goals for 2011...
- to be a better wife and mom, to capture those pictures of MY family and to actually document what is going on in our lives...
- to be a better friend... I know this was on my list last year but I still have some work to do. 
- to help inspire - I recently received an anonymous letter that I love.  Someone in my neighborhood obviously watches me and had the nicest things to say about me and she even noticed my photography.  I don't get a lot of compliments on my photography, so to me this meant a lot.  I feel like I should help inspire ALL of you women not only with identifying yourselves, but with other aspects in life as well. 
- Since fashion school has been put on hold I have decided to make a study time for me to continue to move forward in this direction.  I will be putting together a little somethin' to help consult women and their fashion struggles.  I figure I can almost assess any single women and identify what colors and shapes she should be wearing... why not put this to some use right.  I know I am not fashion savvy in my own dress, BUT I hope that this will change.  I see so many women who wear the wrong articles of clothing for their bodies and I always want to say something - not rude, but words of encouragement. 
- I want to be brave and learn to stand up for myself
- Along with that top one I want to be more honest... I am not a crazy liar, I just have a hard time being upfront with people and expressing my true feelings.  I want to be ME!
- I want to be healthy  - NOT SKINNY BUT HEALTHY ( there is a difference ) I hate it when I hear women talk about being a size 0 and how much/ or how little they weigh!  This past year was hard for me with my weight, but then I realized that I am happy the way I am and I just need to have healthier habits.  I dont want to weigh 100 pounds, or to look sickly skinny or unproportioned.  I hope that ALL women can realize there is more to life than exercising and eating less than my 18 month old. 
- I want to seek out better friends - It really is amazing what brings out true colors in people.  Logan and I have lost some of our closest friends this last year and I still don't know why... but I figure I need to surround myself with positive people. 
- Host at least 2 parties - I know this seems silly but I LOVE to host parties and to have good wholesome partyin' going on in my home. 
- I want to break some color rules- What you say- My mom is always ragging on my color choices for my home, but I love bright, vibrant, crisp colors and that is what I want to surround myself in So this year since my focus is more on home... I want to focus on making our home our home finally and being my true self.  Look out world! 

Yowza!  This ended up being way long!  Here is to 2011!  I know it's going to be a great year for my family and I hope it is for yours as well!