Friday, March 27, 2009

For Fun...

I am adding these pics only because I told my sister in law that I would... I have a blog for my photography but I still (after a year) have yet to post anything to it.. HAHA!
I seriously think this is one of the cutest families! They all compliment eachother so well and their kids are absolutely adorable!! Thanks again Colby!
And thanks to Nemiha for saving me... from a photographers worst nightmare... YIKES!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 Weeks Left..

Its official.. I only have ten weeks left and the little bundle of joy will finally be here!!! YEAH!

Everything is going great! The doctors tell me I am right on track. She is getting so big and strong tho... Its crazy when you can see her move and then my whole stomach transforms.. LOL. Her kicks are getting stronger which I guess is a good sign even tho sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable. Logan thinks I am crazy when I tell him how funny she is... but she has a routine that she follows almost daily, you can rub my stomach and its like it tickles her or something... cuz she gets all wiggly, when you talk about her and say her name she moves around.. (maybe its just a coincidence..), for some reason she wiggles a lot when I listen to Carrie Underwood (Logan thinks that its because she hates country lol... ). In the mornings when I am driving to work she starts to wiggle around 7:15 almost on the dot every day... So I always tell her good morning :). I think she has a little personality already and I can't wait for her to get here!!

Last Saturday my mom and I went on a fabric hunt to make a quilt and bumper pad. OH MY.. we found the cutest stuff at Pine Needles at Gardner Village. My mom is coming down this Saturday to help me make it... and I can't wait! Her room is going to have a lot of vibrant colors in it.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rhogam 101

So on Monday I went to the lab at Utah Valley to get my rhogam shot... DUn DUn Dunnnn

Keep in mind that I was just there the Friday before to get my blood drawn for the diabetes test and the nurse must have hit a muscle or something because my arm has never hurt to bad in my life!! lol. So I was a little hesitant to go back...

I check in at the lab and they send me to the 4th floor...

The nurse takes me back asks me a few questions about my history and the baby and then she says "I am gonna need you to lean over the bed"

WHAT?!?! Who says things like that??

I looked at her with shock and said "Where on earth are you planning on sticking that needle!?!?" I honestly thought she was going to give me the shot in my BUTT!!! OUCH... that would hurt.

She kind of gave me a funny look... which didn't help at all... But then she laughed and said she was gonna give me the shot in my hip.

Sigh oh relief... AHHH

I got a shot for the very first time in my hip... what an experience.

I would recommend that all shots be given there because it didnt hurt at all and the muscle didnt get nearly as sore as getting shots in the arm.. :)