Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here are some pics from the birth... 
I am SOOOO glad that these 2 little girls look completely different!
DO you know who is who??  

Top Pic: left is Logan (I know its hard to tell!), top is Oaklee, bottom is Carea and right is Oaklee again.
Bottom Pic: left is Oaklee, top and bottom are Carea and right is Oaklee.  

Carea was a bit swollen when she was born and Oaklee was super wrinkley!  :)  
They have since changed 
I am just extremely behind on blogging!

Stay tuned for: Larkyn's 2nd bday party, 4th of July, newborn pics, 1 month pics, and some super duper other great posts! 


Danielle said...

BEAUTIFUL babies! Congratulations!!

The Studes said...

well its about time.. what wonderful pictures!

The Painted Parlor said...

Aw, what sweeties, glad YOU can tell them apart ;)


The Painted Parlor said...

Whoops, I think I commented twice... Sometimes I'm a nut job!

Meghan and Tyler said...

CONGRATS!!! They are beautiful...even with all their newborn goopy goodness. I can't believe you have a blonde and a brunette. How cute. We need to come see the 5 (oh my) of you!

P.S. I loved reading your previous post about the c-section. I had VERY similar thoughts about the whole thing. I was scared out of my mind, and then it ended up being an amazing experience. Definitely a longer healing time, but not horrible. I don't know what I will choose next time. Hope you are healing well. Take it easy. We love you guys!