Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a new skill... poetry? :)

Dear Running

Oh how I miss you…
Early mornings with the sunrise
Late evenings with the sunset
Feet pounding into the asphalt
Sweat… Hills…. Heart Racing
As I watch the runners go by
Jealousy creeps into me
One day we will be reunited…
Hopefully sooner than later

Monday, May 23, 2011

positive perspective = hoot

Its amazing how simple words and actions can have a huge impact on our personal feelings.
When I first found out I was expecting I dreaded the thought of letting certain family and friends know because they struggle with either infertility or have had losses of precious life. ..
A part of me didn’t want to even tell them….
I wanted to go into hiding …
As I sat and thought this through.. trying to think of ways to make it easier for them I remembered what one of my closest friends told me…
That it is so hard for her to hear expecting mothers complain about how miserable they are the entire time they are pregnant when she longs to have those discomforts, aches, pains, sickness, feet in the ribs… you know… the whole package.
As I thought about her and others in their situations...  I decided that I was going to try my hardest not to complain about my pregnancy and my pains… and everything else.
OK so I haven’t been perfect , I have complained and I have had my emotional breakdowns and trust me Logan can tell you about what he has had to listen to for the last 9 months of our lives together, but I have noticed a huge difference in me.

Positive. Happy. Grateful.

Its actually been kind of fun to watch reactions of people. Some have asked how I am doing and most days I tried to reply with “Great!” When I would tell complete strangers that I was expecting 2… I did get a lot of negative feedback, but again I would put a positive twist on it and like I said before its been a hoot to see their reactions. Again I am not perfect and yes there were a few times that I did get sick of all the comments that I would get, but maybe 50% of the time I was determined to smile and say I am great.
Up until the last couple of weeks I have had a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy (for the most part)
A part of me thinks its because of this positive twist I put into my life.
I want to give a shout out to my friend who has opened my eyes to the world and has helped me realize how lucky I really am to be able to not only carry children, but has helped me see all my other blessings as well. This friend of mine in an amazing woman…
And I hope that next time before I go to complain about something I will be able to think of others first.
I am so excited to be a mom of 3 under 2. I look forward to the adventure I am about go on. Its going to be beautiful!