Monday, December 20, 2010

here's the proof...

Logan and I are known for playing pranks on the family - I tend to pick on mine a little more!  : ) 

So of course when we called to tell everyone our exciting news about the "dynamic duo" that is on its way NO ONE BELIEVED US! 

Go Figure! 

Here's the proof!  No joking this time!

PS - Aren't they cute! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

i'm back!!!

Ok!  So after many hours of thought I have decided to reactivate this blog! 


To tell you the truth I wasn't and still am not completely satisfied with so I am gonna put that project on hold... after all I have many things headed my way in the next 6 months!  Plus blogging here is so much easier and its free!  I get more traffic here and I just down right missed you blogger!  :)


Larkyn is 18 months old!  I have a toddler that is sooo sweet and sooo crazy at the same time!  But I still love her with all my heart!  She went to nursery all by herself and didn't shed any tears when mommy and daddy disappeared.  (Although she has had a few tragedies the past 2 weeks that have brought on the water works). 

I have been SOOO unbelievably horrible about documenting our family and Larkyn growing up.  Here are a few of her milestones that were missed

9 months - crawling

1 year - the stink bug crawl - almost there people!  But this happened on her birthday... we took her to the park and she started crawling all funny aka the stink bug... we thought it was because she didn't like the grass, but she kept it up for a whole month...

13 months and walking

16 months oh the rest of her teeth finally all decided to come in!  

and here we are to 18 months - she is a runner, loves bubbles, bath time is a must (just like mommy), bookworm, loves music and dancing  -- this girl's got moves!  adores all her stuffed animals and her monkey baby, takes her bunny every where we go... ( I have to admit it sounds like she is saying mommy when she is saying bunny so for the longest time I had No idea what she wanted soo bad!)  

Her vocabulary is off the charts, now I know most people can't quite understand her language, but she tries to say new words all the time.  

She can almost count to 10 ( LOL - she skips 5, 7, and 8 all the time tho).  

Tries to sing her ABC's - she definitely has the QRS part down!  

She can say all the parts on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, chin, cheeks, and ears)

Oh and she says "oh baby!"  haha!

She loves her family so much!  

There are so many other things that this little girl loves and is gifted with, but as a biased mom I could go on and on!  

Well there are many things changing around the Studebaker home, and they are changing fast!  WE are going from a family of 3 to a family of 5 in June - just caught up to most of our friends!   YES we are having Twins  and we have so much work to do!!  Our house is kind of being remodeled (I like that word) and we are right in the middle of it!  Great timing right?!?  

Now that Larkyn just woke up from nap time I guess I am done...

More to come!