Thursday, June 4, 2009

Larkyn Ainsley

Larkyn Ainsley Studebaker came into our lives on Sunday May 31, 09 right at noon. She was 8 pounds 20.5 inches. She is absolutely stunning in every way. She looks just like her dad with a few things from her momma. She has what Logan likes to call "hound dog cheeks" lol. I love to kiss these adorable cheeks... whoever thought so many kisses could be given in 1 day. She has blonde / brown hair and I honestly think she will have bright blue eyes just like Logan.

I honestly didn't ever think I could love another as much as I love Larkyn. I have waited a long time to be a mother and I am extremely grateful to have a healthy beautiful little girl. I am extremely blessed to be given something as precious as Larkyn. I hope that I can live up to Heavenly Father's expectations for being her mother and teach her all that she needs to know in this life.

Logan and Larkyn already have a special bond. He can kiss her neck when she gets fussy and she will instantly stop. When I do this I get the opposite reaction lol. She loves his voice and laying in his arms is so soothing for her. I know Logan is going to be an amazing father and example for her to follow.

Quick insight on how our labor and delivery went: My water broke (finally) at 1:00 am Sunday morning. (We think it was the hot wings I ate for dinner haha!!!) I just happended to be in the kitchen trying to eat an otterpop. Ha! And yes it was an explosion and I would have died if this would have happened on my couch or clean sheets lol. We got to the hospital at 2 am and they started to do their tests to make sure it was my water that broke and not urine. Ya of course the tests came back negative and finally at about 3 am the nurse came in and she said that they finally saw the "fern" on the slide with the water juices on it. My epidural was administered at 3:30 by Dr. Garnder and he did an amazing job! I didnt feel a thing. I think he thought I was crazy because I kept thanking him for being so quick!! My contractions at this point were any where from 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes apart, but I wasn't really dialated. I was at a 4, but things kind of came to a halt there for a while, so the nurse gave be petocin (spelling??). Baby Larkyn didnt really like this and so they took me off the petocin and let me and her relax for a while. Nurse Katie checked me at 8:30 ish and not much had really changed, she checked me again at 9:30 and I was at a hundred percent!!! YEAH! Again she let me relax for about an hour while she set up the room and by 10:30 am we were pushing. I was so tired from lack of sleep and lack of food, so what happened... YES by about 11:15 I had an emotional break down. I started to ball my head off and I honestly didn't think I was going to survive pushing.. That is hard work! Dr Dayton came in about 11:30 to help me deliver her and he had to use forceps!! OUCH! I hope no one has to go through that. It wasn't the pain that hurt but the pressure. Maybe that doesnt make sense?? Noon finally rolled around and an extremely exhausted Haylie finally had her precious baby girl laying on her stomach. I was so exhausted I could barely hang on to her.. plus she was pretty slimey. They cleaned Larkyn up and I finally got to hold her it was at this point that Logan finally cried! I knew he would too!! He did very well during this whole adventure though. I was kind of worried he was going to pass out, but he didnt. He was an amazing coach to have during the pushing and he encouraged me with positive humor the whole time! My mom was also apart of this coaching and she did very well. She wasnt planning on helping out, but she kind of got volunteered for the job haha. There are so many other details, but those are kind of boring.

I am just grateful that everything went well for us and that Larkyn is here for me to hold. She has so many people that care for her and love her with all their hearts.

Thanks for everyone's support! We really do appreciate everything!!