Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Bump... My Lovely Lady Bump

Here are some of my maternity pictures... One of my most favorite people took them, Amy, and she did such a good job working with me. I hate having my picture taken and I would rather be the one taking the pictures. Amy is sooo creative and talented!! Kudos to her!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know I have been sooo slacking when it comes to updating our blog BUT we have been sooo busy! Well atleast that is the excuse I am going to use. Ha!

Baby Update: We had one of our last (cross our fingers) doctor appointments on Monday... Hooray! Baby Larkyn is doing just great! She is still at -2 station, dialated to a one.. but I AM 70% efaced! The doc says she is an average size baby... not too big... not too small. He thinks she will weigh in some where between 7-8lbs. Yes I know that is a big range, but I was beginning to think I was carrying a 15lb baby LOL. She is in the right position and she stays there. I think it is so amazing how the body works! Her room... well I am hoping to get everything hung on the walls (3 dragon flies and her name) this weekend! I will definitely post pictures of that because it is SOOO cute! I need help organizing her room tho so if anyone has tips on where to put things I would appreciate it.

Logan & Haylie Update: Logan is a working man! He loves his job and working for his new boss. It was nice working with family the last few years, but his new boss is great and loves Logan and the business is going so wonderful and is gonna grow so big! There is a lot of potential for Logan and this new company. Logan has been working in the yard more... mostly due to my nagging... HA! But we finally got a tree planted and some grasses. Hopefully over the next few weeks we will get more planted. Haylie... well I am a working woman! Yes I am still at work full time and will be until the babe comes. I have been sewing more and making the cutest hair clips I am so excited to reveal them! I have lots of fabric to make more skirts and I am going to attempt at a dress. Hopefully this will be something that I can do to make some extra mula! I will have to take pictures when I get them done and get some feedback from everyone. Me and photography have kind of gone to the way side, but I do have a shoot tomorrow morning and I am so excited!