Sunday, November 16, 2008

this and that

A lot has changed since I last posted a blog. October has come and gone... and now we are half way thru November!! And Christmas is almost here. Where did the days go??

The end of october and beginning of Nov we went to Florida to shoot a friends wedding, visited family, slept A LOT, and of course there was great food! It was absolutely amazing. We went to some haunted houses on halloween and my sister dressed up like joker from the latest batman and she did an amazing job on her costume! Logan went surfing with my brother and his nips got slightly rubbed raw... lol. We have been home and I dont really know what we have been doing but I know we have been busy.

So while we were in Florida my belly bump came out. Apparently I am not going to carry in my back.. so I guess I am lucky in a way... Now I just get to deal with the comments and the looks :). I still havent gained weight... but i know those days are going to end. Probably sooner then later.

I went shopping with my mom yesterday and while we were out and ab0ut we decided to wander into a maternity store... WHO DESIGNS THAT STUFF?!? I was not happy with what i saw. Maternity pants scare me and they were soooo short! The shirts were all the same and to be honest ( and I guess I am being a brat) I just do not dig maternity clothes. LOL. So we wandered into a couple other stores and I am starting my own maternity fashion! The shirts I got are absolutely adorable and I will be able to wear them for most of my pregnancy. So watch out world...

We go to our second Dr appt Tuesday and I am excited! Well except to give blood again... Hopefully I get a different nurse. WiSh mE lUcK!