Monday, September 15, 2008

The Office

So we finally moved offices at work... (well last week) But I am so exhausted from this move. I dont know what my deal is. This last weekend I didn't get anything accomplished because I kept moping around and I couldn't focus.

Things are definitely different here at our new offices and if you watch "the office" that is SOOO what it reminds me of and I am debating on playing some pranks on some of the staff... lol.

I had a photo shoot on Friday and my friend Amy came to my rescue. Shooting a family of 50 was so fun... Thanks so much for the opportunity! Then we went to dinner and ice cream... Maggie Moos here we come! Saturday was fun. I went to Ikea with one of my favorite people.. Chi Chi Valdez and then we all went to dinner at Winggin It! Then of course we watched the office for the rest of the weekend... well pretty much.

I definitely think I can get use to working 4 tens. It will be very nice to have that extra day for shoots and everything else. Wish me luck and pray that my body will get used to working these long hours... lol!!